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 Seay chats with Tigers fans - 08/04/09

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PostSubject: Seay chats with Tigers fans - 08/04/09   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:30 pm

Seay chats with Tigers fans
Southpaw thinks Washburn makes a good addition

08/04/09 7:04 PM ET

Bobby_Seay: Bobby has joined us from the Clubhouse and we're ready to start...

ComericaPark: Why did you choose to wear No. 44?

Bobby_Seay: In 2006 it was the number assigned to me, I didn't get to pick a number and I'll been 44 ever since.

Bobby_Seay: I've been 44 ever since...

ComericaPark: Where is your Olympic Gold Medal right now?

Bobby_Seay: Safety deposit box in a bank...

overmyhead: What is the most challenging part of being a pitching "specialist" ?

Bobby_Seay: You have to be ready to play every day compared to a starter, when they know they have an assigned day to pitch.

ComericaPark: Why do you make the rookies carry supplies in a pink backpack?

Bobby_Seay: It's been a tradition since I was a rookie... it's all part of the rookie process. Everyone has had to do it at some point.

dannyvinny: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Bobby_Seay: Anybody on the New York Mets... as a kid I loved the Mets.

WesleySalisbury: What is your approach when you face tough left-handed batters such as Prince Fielder?

Bobby_Seay: Depends on the situation... same as any hitter... try to get ahead, don't fall behind in the count and keep 'em guessing.

Snackshack100: Do you think that you should be played for more innings and more games?

Bobby_Seay: It's not my decision...

jpgrier: How is the atmosphere in the clubhouse?

Bobby_Seay: This year is a lot different than past years... we have a good chemistry, good group of guys... we've come together and we know what it's going to take to get where we want to go...

dcrown: Bobby, prior to your last outing, you had struggled for a couple of weeks and didn't look confident. How important is that confidence when you're asked to get a specific batter out and trying to hit your spots?

Bobby_Seay: It's tough to stay mentally sharp and physically ready every day... that's why it's a grind of 162 games...

jrey2005: What is it like to pitch in front of 36,000-plus fans?

Bobby_Seay: Awesome, exciting... it's always a lot more fun playing at home especially when the fans are involved and into the game.

AlwaysWorking: How hard is all the traveling when you and the other players have to leave your wife and/or girlfriends? Do they travel with you?

Bobby_Seay: Travel is harder late in the year... it starts to take a toll on your body... we concentrate on getting more rest this time of the year.

UM_TigersFan: Out of all the hitters you have faced, which hitter are you most reluctant to pitch to?

Bobby_Seay: Albert Pujols

lukie1268: Tell me how you got the opportunity to play in the Major Leagues?

Bobby_Seay: Drafted, and worked my way up through the Minor Leagues with Tampa Bay.

macishboo: What was the inspiration for your current facial hair?

Bobby_Seay: I just try and change it up every year... something different.

tigstsc1: What type of things do you do to prepare as you sit in the bullpen during the game?

Bobby_Seay: Stay flexible, stretch... keep blood flowing... watch the game and wait for the phone to ring.

mudhens11: What was your highest point in your career?

Bobby_Seay: Olympic gold medal in 2000... playing in the Majors is a life-long dream and it's up there just as much...

tigstsc1: I have noticed that some members of the bullpen spend the whole game in the 'pen and some are in the dugout for a while. Why is that?

Bobby_Seay: Some of the late-inning guys watch a couple innings in the dugout and then come out...

overmyhead: Do you think the American League should do away with the DH, and is stepping up to the plate to hit an opportunity you would like to have?

Bobby_Seay: I'd love to swing a bat, but I don't believe they should do away with the DH, the DH makes the American League the American League.

schmi1jm: Do you enjoy coming in for short periods of time? Would you prefer to be a starter?

Bobby_Seay: I think every pitcher wants to be a starter, but I enjoy having the opportunity to play every day, and that comes along with relief pitching. Starting pitching doesn't challenge your mental makeup as much as relief pitching.

davidlally: My 5-year-old son wants to know how many teams you have played for?

Bobby_Seay: Three teams... Tampa Bay, Colorado and the Tigers

Swirly: Who is the funniest guy in the bullpen and who is most serious?

Bobby_Seay: The rookies are quiet... no one is really that funny... it's tough to tell who's serious... some guys are more talkative than others.

andeed: Do you ever play/see any of the MLB video games with you in them?

Bobby_Seay: MLB The Show... we play it quite a bit.

mudhen06: My son Jacob asks, "What was the most important lesson you learned while playing little league baseball?"

Bobby_Seay: To have fun.

IamAlwaysATiger: Do you have a signature pitch?

Bobby_Seay: No, I have several pitches to mix in... but you always have to have confidence in your fastball and that will make your other pitches better...

macishboo: Do you wear metal or molded cleats?

Bobby_Seay: Metal

Tiger_Geiger: Are you excited to watch [Jarrod] Washburn today?

Bobby_Seay: Yes. It's a good addition to the team. We needed a left-handed starter. I'm anxious to see how he responds to his new surroundings.

karlun: Bases loaded, two out, 3-2 count on the hitter. Do you throw a fastball or a curve and why?

Bobby_Seay: Depends on the situation, on the score, depends on the batter...

mdoc07: What are some other rituals you guys do in the bullpen?

Bobby_Seay: We like to drink coffee, make fun of each other... stretch out and be ready for the opportunity.

jpgrier: Mr. Seay, who was the biggest influence when you were coming up?

Bobby_Seay: My Little League coaches when I was young and my high school coaches definitely made a big impact on me as a player.

Tiger_Geiger: What is it like when you pitch in front of your family?

Bobby_Seay: Rewarding... it's awesome. They see me perform at the highest level and they get to enjoy it as much as I do.

heathersmk: Do you think pitch counts are something they should worry about in the Majors? Or is it just a lot of bologna?

Bobby_Seay: It's something to worry about... especially late in the season... I think it's a big part of the game.

rclegacy: Hi Bobby! How hard is it coming into the game with men on and you have nowhere to walk the batter?

Bobby_Seay: It's not always the situation to be put in... but sometimes you have to bear down and throw strikes and hope good things happen...

IamAlwaysATiger: How does it feel to pitch to a big hitter like Luke Scott especially in this series?

Bobby_Seay: Just like any other hitter... you pitch your game... you know the hitter's strengths and weaknesses and you know yours as well...

paparyan69: Do you think the Tigers have a shot at the AL Central pennant?

Bobby_Seay: Of course...

mr0zip0: You say your favorite team was the Mets. Do you have any problem pitching against them because of this?

Bobby_Seay: No, not at all... that was my favorite team as a kid.

cdaw: What is your favorite place to eat around Detroit?

Bobby_Seay: Anywhere in Troy... Ocean Prime or Ruth Chris

andeed: If you had to play something else besides pitching, where on the field would you like to be?

Bobby_Seay: Center field...

cdaw: Who is your favorite MLB player to watch?

Bobby_Seay: Albert Pujols

macishboo: How many times have you feel asleep in the bullpen?

Bobby_Seay: Never

jpgrier: Does how well your pitching depend on the catcher?

Bobby_Seay: To some degree, yes... it's a lot easier to pitch when you have a catcher who's mentally into the game.

matt15510: OK, so I'm a left-handed pitcher and I'm throwing about 83-85 and I was just wondering how to improve my velocity. I don't really have a curveball, but my changeup is sick. Any tips?

Bobby_Seay: Try and play extra-long toss... do rotator cuff exercises.

inge4life: What do you enjoy during the offseason?

Bobby_Seay: Living in Florida, golfing and fishing...

andeed: Why do you chug Red Bulls before taking the mound?

Bobby_Seay: I like it's taste, it's refreshing...

kraig14: Are there any stats of yours that you look at after the season is over to decide if you had a good season or not?

Mostly look at appearances... the more appearances I have, the more confidence I have in the manager using me.

jpgrier: Do you pay a lot of attention to your stats or just focus on pitching?

Bobby_Seay: I don't pay a lot of attention to it... i just worry about getting the job done on a daily basis.

IamAlwaysATiger: How do you like Jim Leyland as a manager?

Bobby_Seay: He's awesome. He's helped my career tremendously and I think he's done a lot for Detroit... he makes coming to the ballpark easy every day.

paparyan69: Yo Bobby, what's your entrance song?

Bobby_Seay: Hyptomize by Notorious BIG

suttonsbay: How fast could you throw in high school?

Bobby_Seay: 90-93

spike1994: Does being a relief pitcher take more preparation than a starter?

Bobby_Seay: No. It takes more mental preparation on a daily basis, than starting.

4tigerfans: What NL team do you predict will be in the World Series this year (vs. the Tigers of course)?

Bobby_Seay: Dodgers or Cardinals in my opinion, but don't rule out the Phillies.

tigstsc1: What was going through your head as the national anthem was being played when you won at the 2000 Olympics?

Bobby_Seay: Felt a lot of pride. One in a million feeling. Watching them raise the flag. Almost indescribable....

jpgrier: Do you think the Tiger's offense or defense is the key to the postseason?

Bobby_Seay: Both will play huge roles in our stretch run.

matt15510: If you weren't a professional baseball player, what would you be?

Bobby_Seay: I would be a meteorologist...

title2009: Do you keep any momentos from ballparks such as grass or dirt form the mound?

Bobby_Seay: No, just baseballs.

bigtigfan: So when you play MLB the Show, do you always bring yourself in to pitch?

Bobby_Seay: No. I play it just how I think I would manage the game.

ohiosno1tigerfan: Despite the teams recent struggles to score runs, are the players still optimistic they can "right the ship" and make it to the postseason?

Bobby_Seay: Sure. Our offense has been sporadic at times, but down the stretch I think guys are going to step up and start hitting the ball a lot better.

Bobby_Seay: Bobby would like to say thank you for everyone's participation. He enjoyed the session and your questions. And he appreciates all of your support of the team.

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

“It takes pitching, hitting and defense. Any two can win. All three make you unbeatable.”    
–Joe Garagiola
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Seay chats with Tigers fans - 08/04/09
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