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 Hall of Fame asks Tigers for items from Galarraga's game

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PostSubject: Hall of Fame asks Tigers for items from Galarraga's game   Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:16 am

Last Updated: June 04. 2010 1:00AM
Tigers send items from Galarraga's game to Hall of Fame
Tom Gage / The Detroit News

Kansas City, Mo. -- Two days later, the world continued to knock on Armando Galarraga's door.

As they say, his story has legs.

Baseball's Hall of Fame called. Send us some stuff.

So the Tigers will send the Hall of Fame the spikes Galarraga wore on Wednesday night in his imperfect perfect game at Comerica Park.

Plus the base that was first base that night.

The Hall of Fame recognizes a historic moment when it sees one.

Another national morning show called. Galarraga got up at 6 a.m. on Friday to accommodate CBS.

Sports Illustrated sent a writer to Kansas City to interview him. Fu-Te Ni said it's been a big story in Taiwan. Brad Thomas said it's been a big story ... well, actually he didn't. Nothing knocks cricket and rugby off the front page of sports in Australia.

But everywhere else, what could been a story of bitterness and anger, but became one of forgiveness, is still being enjoyed -- while also being used an example of class.

Case in point: On a flight from Detroit to Kansas City early Friday morning, a flight attendant gathered the usual empty cups and pretzel bags that attendants gather before final approach. She also gathered newspapers.

"I'll have to read more about this pitcher," she said, looking at a Galarraga story. "He's been on all the front pages."

Indeed he has.

And, yes, Pepe, your son still is smiling. But it's not a smile that began Wednesday night.

Galarraga said he's always been a calm person. He gets it from his parents, including his father Jose -- "But he's always been called Pepe," Galarraga said.

"My mother (Mariza) is a teacher, she's a calm person, too. Like Curtis Granderson's mother is. Grandy never got angry at anything, either. We're similar that way."

How are they not similar?

"He can eat a lot of cheesecake and never show it," Galarraga said.

Does Galarraga forgive everyone as much as he forgave umpire Jim Joyce, whose call at first base deprived him of a perfect game on what would have been the final out of Wednesday night's game against Cleveland?

For instance, do you ever honk at other drivers, Armando?

"Not in this country," he said. "But at home in Venezuela, I do."

Why there?

"Because everybody honks their horn there."

'Better than a perfect game'

Galarraga marvels at the attention his story has attracted.

"It's been nonstop crazy," he said. "It's been better than pitching a perfect game."

Had Galarraga pitched a perfect game, there might not have been flowers at his front door the way there was Thursday morning.

"How do people know where I live?" he said. "There were flowers at the front door of my condo. Flowers and chocolates, from people saying I showed a lot of class."

Not everyone who wanted to speak with him has gotten his name correct, however, underscoring just how unknown Galarraga was before the attention he's now getting.

But as he said, it's been nonstop crazy.

At some point, however, the Tigers must focus on moving on, which is one of the reasons manager Jim Leyland said he would take no questions about Galarraga before Friday night's game.

"I'm perfect-gamed out," he said.

Leyland was patient, though, with those who asked about the overall importance of moving on.

"It's lucky you have seniority," he kidded one reporter. "No matter how it turned out, it was a great thing that happened. It was wonderful, and handled well by everyone, but it's over with.

"I'm not even thinking about it today. You have to get back in the fight. I've learned over the years to move on from every game."

Even from the ones with legs.

From The Detroit News:

“It takes pitching, hitting and defense. Any two can win. All three make you unbeatable.”    
–Joe Garagiola
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Hall of Fame asks Tigers for items from Galarraga's game
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